About Burning Man Portland



Burning Man Portland aims to foster collaborative participation to inspire artistic expression through organized events, social gatherings, and educational programs and workshops.

Events are organized by our legal governing entity non profit organization Precipitation NW.
Portland is part of the Burning Man Global Regional Network.
What is the Global Regional Network? Learn more here.

In Portland

  • The Regional Contacts are responsible for spreading BM culture, educating on the 10 principles, and getting the community together through events, town halls, or meet ups.
  • The Regional Contacts help to get “official status” stamp of approval for events and trainings, and some limited Burning Man Intellectual Property.
  • Portland chooses to also include civic engagement projects, fundraisers, group projects, art grants, leadership development & trainings, and “just for the hell of it” activities.
  • We know how to work hard and have fun.
  • We strive to develop more opportunities to flourish creatively and as a growing community.

Our Community

Precipitation Northwest (PNW)

Our governing entity, a 501(c)3 organization. Learn more here: http://www.precipitationnw.org/

Precipitation Northwest’s mission is to foster opportunities for participatory art, civic engagement, and leadership development. Our organization seeks not only to build bridges between the vibrant, creative, and artistic burner community and others in the Portland metro area, but also to provide opportunities for skill building, arts education, and leadership development. We aim to achieve this by offering participatory, decommodified, and interactive events and programs to the community.

Financial transparency is important to us. Find out how the organization is run here.

Burners Without Borders Portland

Burners Without Borders Portland is gearing up for an exciting 2018 season, with high hopes to expand into new program and civic service projects.
Get involved at: https://www.facebook.com/bwbpdx/

The Burner Barn & Learner Barn: Portland’s event storage, workshop, build, and collaborative education space

The Burner Barn offers an indoor workshop space complete with shared build space, some build tools, a outdoor yard space, and a meeting room/presentation/project space.

If you are interested in hosing a workshop, class, build, art showing, or other burner-related project, please visit http://www.precipitationnw.org/burnerbarn. The Burner Barn is a Leave No Trace facility.

Leadership Development Opportunities:

  • Local SOAK Leadership Retreat
  • Safety Trainings (SafetyNW, Gate Road Training, Ranger Trainings, Tool Safety)
  • Workshops (Burnable Sculptures, Mediation, Radical Inclusiveness, Theme Camps)
  • Mentorship
  • Outside-the-org leader and professional development trainings

Partner Sites and Resources:

Precipitation NW: http://www.precipitationnw.org

SOAK*, our Annual Regional Burn: http://soakpdx.com

Burning Man Project: http://burningman.org

The Global Regional Network: http://regionals.burningman.org/

Portland’s page: http://regionals.burningman.org/regionals/north-america/portland/

Black Rock Arts Foundation: http://blackrockarts.org/

Burners Without Borders: https://www.burnerswithoutborders.org/

Past Funding Opportunities

The following works of art are funded, in part, by SOAK LLC, Precipitation NW, & Anonymous Donor-Participants! They are now organized and funded through Precipitation NW.

2017 SOAK Art Grant Awards:  https://spark.adobe.com/page/q3W7va1MSeYhU/

2016 Fall Art Grant Awards: https://spark.adobe.com/page/eO9ALiPplk5jU/